Guidelines for Submitting Papers (2009)

 QAMT Guidelines for Submitting Papers | Copyright Statement

The QAMT will publish conference proceedings for QAMTAC on the QAMT website.  This document contains the necessary information for the submission and presentation of your paper.
Please note that if you are presenting at QAMTAC, you are required to submit an abstract for the conference program.  You are also encouraged to submit a full paper if possible, though this is optional. 
Be aware that papers published in the conference proceedings are not refereed. 
There are two types of presentations at QAMTAC – keynote addresses (sixty minutes) and workshops (sixty minutes). 
There is no maximum length of a paper, though a short paper (one to four pages) is more likely to be read in full than a long one.  Support materials such as spreadsheets, sound files, software, TI-Interactive files, and short video clips can also be submitted.  While we don't have a maximum file size, please confer with the QAMTAC Convenor if you wish to submit a file that is larger than one megabyte. 


Written permission of original copyright holders must be provided for material that could not otherwise be reproduced legally, or cited using normal academic conventions.  This could include, for example, a significant table or diagram from another publication, and applies even if you are the author of the original material.
A copyright statement similar to this must be included at the end of your document.  We suggest that you copy and paste this statement at the end of your document - all you have to change is the author's name. 

Copyright declaration

Authors Name © 2009.  The author assigns to the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers and other educational and non-profit institutions a non-exclusive license to use this document (and any included computer files) for personal use and in courses of instruction, provided that the article is used in full and this copyright statement is reproduced.  The author also grants a non-exclusive license to the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers to publish this document in full on the World Wide Web.  Any other usage is prohibited without the express permission of the author. 

Presentation of papers

Although each paper on the web site will be a stand-alone document, we would like all papers to have a common appearance.
All papers and abstracts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format or a PDF file.  Please use arial font. 
The preferred way to receive papers and abstracts is as attachments via email ( 
Bolger_Paperl, Bolger_Paper2, Bolger_Abstract1, etc.

All attached files (e.g.: spreadsheets, Quicktime movies, Cabri or Geometer’s Sketchpad figures, or TI-Interactive files) should be labelled with the file name, program name, version and platform (e.g.: "Simulation sheet 1", MS Excel 5.0, Windows).
This can be done using a separate text file on the disk, or in the body of an e-mail message used to send the files to the conference editors.
Other than minor editing changes (if we happen to spot a spelling mistake, for instance), the document that you submit is the document that will appear on the website. 

Format of papers

Use A4 page settings and make the title of the paper, author(s) and institution(s) centred and in 14pt bold.   Do not capitalise the heading.   Include an abstract of no more than 80 words at the beginning of the paper in 10pt Arial single-spaced with left and right justification.  Indent 2 cm left and right.   Do not use a heading of Abstract.   Major headings should be centred in 12 point bold, not captialised, with text beginning on the next line.   Sub-headings should be left-justified, in 12 point bold and not capitalised, with text beginning on the next line.   Sub-sub-headings should be left aligned in italics, and separated by a colon from the text which continues on the same line.
Use 12 pt single-spaced with left and right justification for the body text.
You may use footnotes if you wish.  If so, group any footnotes at the end of the text before the references.   Do not use headers.   Use page numbers.   Use table commands or tabs to produce tables.   Do not use the space bar to align figures and text.   All tables should have a caption and be numbered successively.   All tables should be referred to in the text.   Use italics rather than underlining for emphasis.

Indent quotations longer than 3 lines by 2 cm left and right and use left and right justification.  For shorter quotations, identify by double quotes in text.

Illustrations should be included in the document, and not submitted separately.  As the number, size and format of illustrations will determine how your file will be published on the web, please read the section below on the Publishing of Papers.

Use APA referencing style in text and for reference lists but use italics rather than underlining.
World Wide Web references - Use the following convention for HTML references:  References in the body of the text should be included in brackets (e.g. HRef3).  At the end of the paper, after the reference list for other cited work, a separate list of World Wide Web references should be formatted as follows:
HRef3 - Secondary Mathematics and Assessment Database
HRef4 - Financial Mathematics

Publishing of Papers

We will publish papers on the QAMT website in two formats:
Microsoft Word. 
If a paper contains many graphics, or one or more large graphics, or graphics in a format that is not universal, we will convert the paper into PDF (portable document format).  This is a universal format that retains the original appearance of the document.  It requires the reader to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.  This program is available at no cost from the web, and we will provide a link to the Adobe website from our conference proceedings home page. 

The Teaching Mathematics Journal

The editor of Teaching Mathematics may request that your paper appear in the Teaching Mathematics journal prior to being published on the website.  If you give permission, it will be published in one of the next two issues.  The formatting will be changed and minor editing may be carried out.  If major editing is required, the editor will send you a copy of the edited version to check that you are still happy with it.  This will be easier if an e-mail address is provided. 

Information about the conference

Information about the conference is available from the QAMTAC conference website or by emailing the QAMT office.  The website will eventually include a contact list of all conference participants who wish to be included and will remain intact after the conference ends to facilitate post-conference communication. 
Address for Submissions
To submit your paper electronically, attach it to an email to the QAMT office. To submit your paper on a floppy disk/cdrom, post the disk to: QAMT Inc C/- School of Education The University of Queensland St Lucia. 4072