Mathematical Applications and Computer Algebra Systems Project(MAACAS)


The MAACAS project investigated the synergies between two powerful thinking tools-mathematically integrated technologies, such as computer algebra systems (CAS), and mathematical modelling-in teaching and learning mathematics in secondary schools.

The activities published here are an outcome of the project which was a collaborative partnership between two universities, Australian Catholic University (ACU) and the University of Queensland (UQ), and three secondary schools, A. B. Paterson College, Hillbrook Anglican School and Redcliffe State High School.

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Contributors to the project included: 


Dr Vince Geiger

Project director and activities editor


Mr Trevor Redmond
A. B. Paterson College

Teacher partner and activities development


Mr Michael Barra
Hillbrook Anglican School

Teacher partner


Mr Jim Lowe
Redcliffe State High School

Teacher partner


Dr Rhonda Faragher



Professor Merrilyn Goos



Dr Katie Makar

Activities editor

 The Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers is particularly pleased to have been offered the opportunity by the project team from ACU and UQ to host this page and to assist in sharing these activities with the mathematics teaching community. The MAACAS activities are offered to teachers free of charge by the Project Leaders. Both the Project Team and the QAMT hope these ideas provide support for the use of emerging technologies in teaching and learning and also provide inspiration for the development of other equally inventive and engaging approaches to studying mathematics.

 The materials that have been developed through the course of the MAACAS project are meant to provide the entry point for students to explore both the real life contexts in which each problem is set and to provide experience for students in the cyclic modelling process.

This package consists of twelve student activities these are available as a complete package or as individual activities in both PDF and Word format using the links below.

 Individual Activities:

    Introduction   Word   PDF
  Will the river die   Word   PDF
  About carbon monoxide levels in Spokane, Washington   Word   PDF
  Natural gas storage in the USA   Word   PDF
  Are you charged?   Word   PDF
  A propulsion system for a balsa boat   Word   PDF
  Chlorine levels in the pool   Word     PDF
  Historical carbon dioxide record from the Vostok ice core   Word   PDF
  Modelling the motion of a mass on the end of a spring   Word   PDF
  Submarine problem   Word   PDF
  Tide times investigation   Word   PDF
  Water usage in Brisbane   Word   PDF
  Weather balloon   Word   PDF


Complete Package

The Mathematical Applications and Computer Algebra Systems Project   Word     PDF




  Links to all 12 activities are at the bottom of the page