Mission Statement

The Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers exists to: * promote interest in mathematics education at all levels * speak and act on matters related to mathematics education * provide opportunities to enhance the professionalism of mathematics' teachers * provide professional development opportunities for teachers * support the teaching and learning of mathematics * encourage and promote research into the teaching of mathematics

AAMT All members of QAMT are automatically afforded membership of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers. Click here to visit the AAMT Website.

QAMT was established in 1966 formerly Qld branch of the Royal Mathematical Society of London 1922-1965.

Life Members: Godfrey Hubbard, Agnes Carnegie, Majorie Carss, Garnet J Greenbury(deceased), Neville Grace, Kiddy Bolger, William(Bill) Simpson, Dr Neil Williams, Dr Geoffrey Morgan, Rex Boggs, Steven Nisbet, Jan Cavanagh and Jackie Mergard

Past Presidents: 1966-1967 Godfrey Hubbard 1968-1969 Leo Howard 1970-1971 Graham Jones 1972-1973 John Elkins 1973-1974 Graham Coote 1975-1976 Majorie Carss 1977-1978 Steve Murray 1979-1980 Peter Lund 1981-1982 Judy Hempel 1982-1983 Neville Grace 1984-1985 Robin Wallace 1986-1987 John Cassidy 1988-1989 Jill Hedley 1990-1991 Terry O'Hanlon-Rose 1992-1993 Tom Cooper 1994-1995 Vincent Geiger 1996-1997 Rhonda Faragher 1998-1999 John McKinlay 2000-2003 John Butler 2004-2007 James Lowe 2008-2009 Greg Bland 2009-2011 Jim Lowe 2012 - 2016 Rodney Anderson 2016-2017 Greg Bland


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